Vancouver Plumber

Vancouver, BC Canada

Officially launched in 2022, Jack Trade Technologies Inc aims to be the fastest, most reasonable, and professional plumbing company in Vancouver. Do a quick search for “Vancouver plumber”, or “plumber Vancouver” and you will see a multitude of companies created to meet the high demand for plumbing services in Vancouver. However, Jack is the only company that connects sole proprietorships and other small companies to customers which otherwise may have not been discovered.

We interview and screen each contractor applicant to ensure only the most experienced and professional technicians serve you. All plumbers, gas fitters, and HVAC technicians charge the same rate when working through Jack to ensure a consistent customer experience. Learn more about how this works. Having a large list of available contractors on call means we can maintain a reserve army of technicians, ready to be dispatched on a few hours notice. The end results for you as a customer are fast, same day & decentralized plumbing, heating and cooling services.

Vancouver is known for being one of the wettest cities in Canada. Having significant rainfall from November to March ensures plumbing companies have plenty of work year-round. Floods, leaks, sump pump problems, and issues with perimeter drains are common in Vancouver. Being proactive with maintenance and camera inspections can save you costly repairs at the worst times.

Vancouver plans to become the greenest city in the world, by accomplishing it’s climate goals. New construction means there is a high demand for commercial plumbing services. Whether it’s for your toilet, faucet, or another issue, we have you covered. Vancouver is packed also densely packed with residential properties.

If you’ve never been to Vancouver, you’d be surprised to see how many restaurants there are here. We can expect restaurants to make up a large percent of our customer base, from servicing clogged drains and backflow testing.

Being one of the mildest climates in the winter, residents can get away with installing more energy efficient solutions such as heat pumps. In harsher climates, you would need a climate rated system or sometimes pairing multiple systems together makes sense. (Such as a furnace and a heat pump.) Nonetheless, Canadian winters are cold everywhere and it’s important you have consistent heat in your home. Annual maintenance on your heating system is one thing we always recommend. Regular filter changes improve the efficiency of your system and can prevent you from needing repairs.