Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair

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Sewer Repair

Waste water from your home is carried through your sewer main, where it connects to adjacent piping. It is then carried to a sewage treatment plant before being safely discharged into the ocean and converted to biosolids. Did you know that there are over 15,000 km of sewer piping in Vancouver alone? That’s enough to cross Canada and back! Learn more from the city about the sewer system in Metro Vancouver. Recent innovation has allowed Vancouver to develop new ways of utilizing waste water. Heat from sewer lines can be captured and used to heat buildings. Also, gas from treatment plants can be converted into electricity and heat.

An important point to note is that property owners are only responsible for repairing piping that is on their side of the city shut off valve. If water is backing up in your drains, or you have a flood on your hands, it may be a sewer line clog. Roots in your yard often like to penetrate pipes and build a network inside. For problems like this, we will often have to come back every few years to clear the roots again, until the section of pipe is replaced.

Sewer Line Maintenance

At Jack, we can perform a camera inspection to see what is down your pipes. Often this gives us a crystal clear image of the condition of your pipes; how corroded they are, how many roots are growing inside, or exposing a foreign object. With this technology (called a seesnake) we can also find areas where the pipe is back-graded (flowing uphill instead of downhill) and if there are any cracks or other forms of damage. Sewer line maintenance is a good thing to perform if you have any suspicions about your sewer line, or if you simply want to know the condition of your pipes. Being proactive can prevent floods or major repairs down the road.

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