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Leaky Faucet Repair

What’s causing your faucet to leak? Leaks can come from any part of the fixture. But if it’s dripping from the spout, It could be a problem with the O ring. If this mechanism wears out or becomes loose, your faucet will begin to drip. The O ring is located by the small screw that keeps the handle of the faucet in place. It could also be a corroded valve seat. This is where the spout and your faucet come together.

Build up of sediment can cause your faucet to leak. And lastly, it could be a worn out or improperly installed washer. When your faucet is in use, the washer hugs the valve seat. This consistent friction can wear out the washer and cause your faucet to drip.

Did you know that a leaky or dripping faucet can waste 5 gallons of water per day? Our technicians are experienced in household plumbing issues like these.

Faucet Replacement

If you’re looking for a tap replacement, Jack plumbers are ready to complete it today. We can supply a range of products for you to choose from, or you can supply your own. Whether it’s a kitchen faucet, or a bathroom faucet, Jack plumbers will remove the old one and install the new one. Faucet installations are fairly simple, but if you want it done right, it’s best to call a professional plumber. A new faucet can freshen up the look of a kitchen or bathroom without the need for renovating.

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