Leaking Drain

sink leaking

Sink Leaking

Leaking drains can turn into a very costly restoration bill if they are not taken care of quickly and efficiently (especially if they are carrying sewage). There are a few things that can cause a drain to leak. First and most common are blockages. First and foremost the drain is an integral part of your plumbing system, it carries away all waste water from your toilets, faucets, and showers. Drains are larger in size and can accommodate solid materials such as human waste. A blockage in a drain is usually caused by things such as to much toilet paper, solids from leftovers on a dinner plate, or solid items being put down the drain that should not get flushed down a toilet or washed down your sink (egg shells, fruit peels, coffee grounds, etc). When a drain gets blocked, any water that goes down the drain will stop at the blockage and slowly the drain will fill with water.

Eventually the drain will back up and water will come out of the fixture you are using. When water builds up it creates pressure. Some fittings in your drainage system (especially when they are older) will leak when put under pressure. When fixing a leak caused by a blocked drain the Jack technician will need to clear the blockage first and then fix the leaking area of the drain afterwards. Sometimes drains will leak just when water is ran past them. Another very common drainage leak is a leaking p trap. A p trap is installed on your sinks, tub and shower drains, laundry drains, and any drain where the drain is exposed to open air. The p trap holds water in it continually to keep sewer smells from coming back up the drain and smelling up your home. Some p traps have a removable union that makes the p trap easier to work on. These union p traps can leak overtime. In some cases fixing the leak is as easy as tightening the p trap whereas in other situations the p traps need to be completely replaced. P traps are a common part and are carried in Jack tech vans.

Some of the more tricky drainage leak repairs can be from your shower or toilet. Often a leak from a shower drain or toilet drain will show up first as a bubble in your ceiling drywall. These leaks won’t leak continuously and only leak when you run your shower or flush your toilet. A jack tech will always try and attempt to diagnose  the cause of the leak from above before opening your drywall but oftentimes if a repair is needed we will need to open your drywall below to repair the issue. Unfortunately the drywall will need to be repaired. This is not a repair that is done by a plumber but a jack drywall technician would be happy to take care of this for you. Whatever the cause of the leak on your drain, Jack is a company that can repair drainage leaks fast and professionally.