Leaking Dishwasher

Dishwasher Leaking

Dishwasher Leaking?

It’s not too often where we run into a dishwasher leak, however it does happen. When a dishwasher leaks, oftentimes it’s caused from an actual issue with the dishwasher. It’s important to understand that if you call a plumber for dishwasher leak repair, the plumber will be able to determine where the leak is coming from but may not be able to fix it if it’s an integral part of the dishwasher. As far as plumbing leaks are concerned when it comes to a dishwasher, these are the things that can go wrong.

Every dishwasher comes with a drain connection and a water supply connection. When your plumber connects your dishwasher, he/she will run the included flexible drain hose through the cabinet to underneath the kitchen sink. The dishwasher drain will then get tied into your kitchen sink drainage. Where the dishwasher drain connects to the sink drainage is a point where a leak can occur. The dishwasher pump pumps water from the dishwasher at a high rate and causes pressure on the drain line, if the drain line is not connected securely it can come loose over time and begin to leak. The water line that connects the dishwasher to your home’s water supply is another area that could cause a leak.

Typically, if the line does not leak shortly after its been installed then it is a fairly safe component long term. Most water connections are made with a steel braided line. This allows the dishwasher to be connected when it’s outside of the cabinet space and then slid in afterwards. It also makes it easier to work on the dishwasher without disconnecting the water. Sometimes different materials are used to connect the dishwasher water supply.

One of the most concerning connections that we see are when the dishwasher is connected with a grey polybutylene pipe (poly b). Poly b has been known to weaken over time and unexpectedly burst which can cause massive water damage. If you see your dishwasher water supply is run with grey plastic pipe you may want to consider upgrading to a steel braided hose. These are all things that a jack technician can take care of for you!