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Hot Water Heater Repair

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Hot Water Heater Repair

A conventional hot water tank heats and stores hot water until it’s ready to be distributed and used through your pipes. These tanks either run on gas, electricity, or a hybrid of both. A gas water heater has a slightly higher up front cost, but the energy savings will be an average of 10% more than an electric tank annually. Still, a hot water tank of any kind will be a lower up-front cost than a tankless water heater, and they are easy to repair and replace when they break down. However, having a tank requires a good amount of space, they consume up to 30% more energy thank a tankless heater, and they come with a risk of flooding.

Hot Water Tank is Leaking

If your hot water tank is leaking from the top, the cold inlet or hot outlet pipes may be loose. The inlet valve may be leaking, or the T&P relief valve may have failed. If your hot water tank is leaking from the bottom, it may be no cause for concern. It could be normal condensation, or the pressure relief valve could have expelled a small amount of water. If it looks like a substantial amount of water, the tank itself could be leaking. The only way to fix this is to replace the unit.

No Hot Water

If your hot water tank isn’t producing any hot water, you likely need a repair. We’ll first check that you have gas flow and that your pilot light is on. If it isn’t, it could mean we need to replace your thermocouple or simply clean it. Another potential reason is a circuit breaker could have tripped for systems with electric ignition. Check your breaker panel first before calling us to inspect an unknown issue. Faulty thermostats or wiring could also be a potential cause of a breakdown.

Noisy Hot Water Tank

If you hear hissing, banging, or knocking in your hot water tank, it is likely due to sediment buildup. It’s time to book hot water tank maintenance with us, so we can flush out the dirty water. We’ve also seen expanding and contracting pipes rub up against the wood framing in your walls, which creates the noise. We’ll have to confirm for ourselves the source of the noise.

Discoloured, Rusty Water

If your hot water supply has a rusty tinge to it, corrosion is likely to blame. Corrosion is most likely to occur on the anode rod or on the inside of the tank itself. The anode rod can be replaced, but if the inside of the tank is corroded we will have to install a new hot water tank. If your water has a bad smell to it, it may be a build-up of bacteria inside the tank. We recommend a super hot water treatment to kill the bacteria, or cleaning out the inside with bleach.

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