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Have a blocked drain in Vancouver or the lower mainland? We can help today. Depending on where the clogged drain is, our technicians will investigate the issue and come up with a plan of action. Our vans are stocked with heavy duty equipment to dislodge the toughest blockages.

If it’s your kitchen sink that’s blocked, a small drain machine will usually do the trick. One of the most common blockages we see is from excess food and grease going down the kitchen sink. Never dump rice, grease, or fibrous peels down the drain, even if you have a garburator.

In your bathroom, hair and excess soap can build up further down your pipes and may lead to a slow draining sink or shower. We know how annoying a slow drain can be in one of the most frequently used places in your home. For an issue like this, we’ll be in an out in less than an hour.

Commercial drain clearing is no different. Once you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Except in these situations a heavy duty auger may be more suitable. This machine has a long snake with a coiled end, which will grab on to and remove the blockage. Hydro jetting is another option we reserve for pipes that don’t just have a singular blockage, but a build-up of dirt and debris.

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