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Clogged Sink

There’s no sink we can’t unclog. This is an extremely common occurrence and happens to everybody at some point. If you’ve been looking at how to unclog a sink, and you haven’t had success, it may be time to call the professionals. A build-up of soap, hair, or food waste is often to blame for a blocked sink. If you’re looking to unclog a sink in Vancouver or the lower mainland, you’ve came to the right place.

Retrieve Lost Item

Did you lose your ring or another important item down your sink? We’re glad you found us, because we can dismantle your piping and find the item before it gets washed away for good. It is likely the item is stuck in your P-trap, which can be accessed under your sink. If you’re looking at how to retrieve a ring from your sink, and you haven’t had success, we’re happy to help. Just make sure not to use the sink until we arrive.


Is your sink loose or wobbly? Or perhaps, the caulking just looks old and worn out. It could even be that the person who installed it originally didn’t do a stellar job. Let us investigate the issue and fix it for you. Caulking is important to form a watertight seal around your fixtures.

Sink Replacement

Is it time for a new sink? A new sink can provide a nice looking upgrade to your bathroom without the need for a full renovation. You can supply your own sink that you found, or you can choose from a range of products that we supply and recommend. After being in the industry for a long time, you get a good sense on who makes the best, most long lasting products. All you need to do is ask us.

Unknown Smell

Do you smell sewer gas coming from your sink? It is likely that there is an issue with your P-trap or it has simply dried out. Try running your water for a while if it is a sink that hasn’t been used in a while. The P-trap is filled with water to prevent sewer gases from seeping back up into your home, which can be unhealthy. If it doesn’t go away, it’s time to book with Jack. We will investigate the cause and provide a prompt solution.

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