Back Flow Testing

Backflow Testing

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Backflow Testing, Repair & Replacement

A back flow preventer is a device used to prevent potable water from being contaminated. Reduced pressure in a pipe may allow for soiled water to be drawn back into the water supply. A back flow prevention device is installed at strategic locations where there is a risk of contaminated water entering the system. Because these devices involve moving parts, it’s important that they are periodically tested.

You may be required to test your back flow prevention devices. Jack will not only test these devices, but file the required report with the city. Back flow prevention assemblies have internal parts that can wear out over time. They have to be tested at the time of installation, and annually as required by the city of Vancouver.

A leaking or dripping back flow preventer could indicate that there is debris in the relief valve. Your backflow prevention device may need to be repaired or replaced by an experienced technician.

Testing involves checking all valves are functioning properly, and using specialized gauges to ensure the correct pressure. It should be between 0-15psi and have a working pressure of around 500 psi.

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