Burnaby Plumber

Looking for a Plumber in Burnaby? Jack is different and connects local on call plumbers with customers.

In 1992, one hundred years after its incorporation, Burnaby officially became a city. Burnaby plumbers have to be familiar with high rise plumbing, as well as residential plumbing. Many of our skilled technicians live in the Burnaby area, so they work close to home. Jack also offers commercial plumbing services in Burnaby. Burnaby’s Simon Fraser University weather station is located 365 metres (1,198 ft) above sea level on Burnaby Mountain. Therefore, the weather is colder and wetter, with more snowfall, as compared to the rest of the city. We often see a dramatic rise in call volume during cold snaps, due to malfunctions in heating systems and freezing pipes. The city features high-density residential areas, two skytrain lines, high technology research, plenty of business parks, and news stations such as Global TV. Downtown Burnaby is home to Metrotown, one of the most visited malls in Canada. Being a such a metropolitan city makes for diverse plumbing & heating challenges. We have to be equipped and prepared. It could be a heating system repair in winter, (furnace repair/replacement or boiler repair/replacement.) or an homeowner looking to install central air conditioning in the summer. There are many restaurants in the area and all of them are required to submit annual backflow testing results to the city. Of course, with a dense population there is never a shortage of drains to clear and unclog. In fact, drain clearing is one of the most common calls we get in any city.