How Can We Help?

If you suspect you have a water leak on your hands, we can help. Depending on the source, they may not be obvious at first. Instead, you may notice discolouration on your ceiling or walls. In these cases, we’ll likely have to cut a section of your drywall open to access the problem. But don’t worry, we can easily repair this when we fix the issue. Jack plumbers are experienced with performing a leak repair in Vancouver.

Burst pipes can happen for a variety of reasons, but are commonly due to corrosion or due to freezing temperatures.

Polybutylene is a piping material that used to commonly be used in the 1970’s-1990’s. If you know you have this material in your home, it is best to replace all of it. Polybutylene is prone to bursting and the resulting damages can easily have a full repipe looking like the cheapest and best option. We always favour preventative solutions here at Jack. It is also a common occurrence when insurance companies won’t insure a home fitted with poly-b piping.

If you have a different type of leak, we can fix that as well. Sometimes a faucet or pipe leak can be resolved by simply tightening the connections. But if you’ve tried to fix it yourself already, it may be time to call the professionals. We are an experienced group of plumbers at Jack. All technicians undergo a screening process that ensures we have the best talent on hand.

Jack plumbers are experienced in all of the issues mentioned above. Schedule with us today. We provide Vancouver leak repair services.