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What is in Floor Radiant Heat?

An in floor radiant heating system consists of polyethylene tubes that circulate hot water beneath the floor and radiate to the rooms above. It can also be made up of resistance wire and be heated electrically. However, this set up is usually reserved for heating single rooms, like your bathroom.

A hydronic (water-fed) radiant system circulate water from a boiler. This type of heating system can be up to 30% more efficient than a forced air system, like having a furnace. In terms of comfort, radiant systems can’t be beat. The heat is evenly distributed throughout the home, coming from the floor. In a forced air system, the heat often quickly rises to the ceiling, while leaving pockets of cold air below.

Also, a forced air system has more trouble maintaining a consistent temperature, as the furnace is constantly turning off and on to try to maintain it. People with pets and allergies may find that the system doesn’t irritate them as much, without small debris being blown around the home. In addition, you may find that your home has a more comfortable humidity in the winter time. Finally, radiant systems are quiet. No clanking or whooshing sounds to disturb you.

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No Heat?

If you don’t have any heat, you may be in need of a repair. Before you schedule with us, you should check to make sure a circuit breaker didn’t trip. Check your breaker panel to ensure that the system is still getting voltage.

If your breakers haven’t been tripped, and your in floor system is hydronic, it is likely an issue with a zone valve. Zone valves work to move water from your boiler to the tubing underneath your floor. If a zone valve was improperly installed, or has worn down, you may get inconsistent heating. Or, it may stop the water flow altogether.

An air lock is another potential cause of a malfunctioning radiant system. If your system was installed using an open-loop process, interruptions from your municipal water source can lead to disturbances in your hydronic heating. This can cause an oxygen bubble that blocks the flow of water in your system.

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