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Electric Baseboard Heating Repair

Electric baseboard heating systems — also known as electric resistance heating — is a form of zone heating that individually creates and controls the temperature in each room of your home. There are no furnaces, boilers, heating ducts, vents or blowers involved in distributing the heat. Each baseboard unit houses a heating element that generates heat and then slowly releases it into the room where it’s located.

There are 2 types of baseboard heating- electric and hyrdronic. Hydronic heaters circulate hot water through copper coils that comes from a boiler system. Baseboard heaters are typically strategically placed where the greatest heat loss is likely to occur- often under windows. Since it’s a zone based heating system, an upside of baseboard heating is being able to adjust the temperature of each room individually. Other pros of baseboard heating are it’s quiet, simple to install, and can be paired with a heat pump system when the heat pump can’t keep up with arctic conditions.

No Heat from Electric Baseboard Heater

Wondering how to fix an electric baseboard heater? We have a few ideas on what might be causing your problems. However, as with any electrical components, we recommend having a professional perform any invasive work on your heaters. The first step you can check is ensuring a circuit breaker didn’t trip. Check your breaker panel and ensure everything is normal. Another thing you can do yourself is wipe out debris from your unit with a dry cloth rag. Make sure your heater is cool before touching it.

Often times a heating issue is actually a thermostat issue. We’ll test, reset, and re-adjust your thermostat. If it is malfunctioning, we’ll replace it. A burnt wire terminal is another cause that can be discovered once we start taking the heater apart. Corroding valves may also be blocking the heat from entering the room.

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