Gas Leak Detection & Repair

Gas Leak Repair

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Gas Leak Repair & Detection

First off, if you notice a strong odour of sulfur/rotten eggs, you should leave your home immediately and call the professionals. Or, if you are experiencing symptoms (such as dizziness) that you suspect are from a gas leak/carbon monoxide, evacuate and book an call FortisBC at 1-800-663-9911. Only after they say it’s safe, book a gas leak repair with Jack. Natural gas can collect in concentrations heavy enough to cause an explosion. Don’t rely on somebody else reporting the leak, don’t use any appliances or make phone calls within the house, don’t turn the lights on or off, and don’t try to find/repair it yourself.

Jack gas technicians have a valid Gas-B ticket, which certifies them to work on gas lines. We use devices to detect where the gas is coming from and will promptly fix the problem. Faulty connections, broken pipes, and improperly installed appliances can all eventually result in a gas leak. Book with us for gas leak repair.

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