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Rheem Condensing Unit for Central Air Conditioning

Although Vancouver is known for its cold and rainy season, we can get some extremely hot days in the summer months. An extreme heat wave in 2021 left many people sweltering and became a health hazard for seniors and people with medical conditions. The gradually increasing effects of climate change are making air conditioning more of a necessity than a luxury.

In need of an air conditioning repair? Jack HVAC technicians will diagnose and repair your AC system today. We always attempt to repair systems before quoting a replacement.

It’s common that we get extremely busy for air conditioning in the middle of the summer heat, when people finally decide that it’s worth the investment. However, the best time to install air conditioning is in the off-season. In the busy season, parts can be in short supply if the demand is high enough. Also, A/C permits for large installations can sometimes take several months to get.

Whether it’s your house, apartment, or office, there’s a cooling solution that’s right for you. Whether you have existing air vents, your budget, and the square footage of the space are all factors in choosing the right system for your needs. We take into account all these things and make a recommendation as if it were our own home.

Heat pumps are a type of system that heats and cools your home. It draws heat from the air outside and transfers it inside. In the summer, it removes the heat from your home and transfers it outside. These units run on electricity and can be a good, energy efficient option where the temperatures are relatively mild.

Mini split systems have a condensing unit that sits outside, and sends the cold air to different zones in the house. The indoor components sit high up on a wall in each room and distribute the air as per your needs. These units are common in houses or apartments that don’t have existing vents to use.

Central A/C is a forced air system that takes advantage of the existing vents in your home. Do you have a furnace that heats your home? Then you may already qualify for central air conditioning. The cool air will enter through the same vents that hot air normally circulates to. Central A/C can be a more expensive option, particularly if we need to modify or add venting to make it all work.