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What is Central Air Conditioning?

Central air conditioning uses the existing ductwork in your home to distribute cool air. A condenser unit sits outside and expels heat. When a signal is received that the temperature is above the set point on your thermostat, warm air is drawn into your ductwork and is cooled when it reaches the evaporator coil. This cooled air is blown by your furnace fan through the ductwork and vents in your home.

Meanwhile, refrigerant absorbs the heat from the evaporator coil and is pumped outside to the condenser unit, where the heat is dispersed before recirculating back inside. Book a quote with Jack for installing a new air conditioner, or read on to discover some of the common problems we encounter with central air conditioners.

Air Conditioner not Cooling

If your air conditioner has taken a dive in efficiency, the first suspect is low refrigerant. If you have a case of low refrigerant, it’s likely it was undercharged when it was installed, or you have a leak somewhere. Without enough refrigerant, heat and humidity cannot be removed from the air. Another culprit of this problem is leaky or dirty ductwork.

Tears in your duct work will have cool air leaking into your walls, where it won’t help your comfort anymore than it will help your wallet. The system will work harder to maintain a cool temperature and will use more energy than needed. Dirty filters can also cause your system to perform less efficiently. We recommend annual maintenance on your air conditioning unit. If you’re looking for an air conditioning repair in Vancouver or the lower mainland, consider booking an HVAC technician with Jack.

Leaky Air Conditioner

A leaking air conditioning unit could be the result of a clogged drain line. If you see the unit isn’t draining properly, and you can’t determine the source of the problem yourself, we’ll investigate it for you. A cracked drain pan could be causing that leak as well. All these problems can be resolved from a service call.

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